Here are the works I currently have in the pipeline

In a Village by Mistake

published 20th September 2020

Living in Ambridge - feeling like Withnail. The important thing about living in a village by mistake, and about modern life in general, is not to take it too seriously. 
Available on Kindle, print and Audible.

A Dead Polar Bear on a Sledge

1st January 2021

Jennifer Grey is a 40-year-old urban refugee, ‘living in a village by mistake’. When her husband Chris leaves her for Romily ‘from the Big House’, we follow Jen's attempt to navigate her new life with honesty, insight and self-deprecating humour, and finding love in all the wrong places.
Available on Kindle, print and (coming soon) Audible.

Cover Version

Spring 2021

Fran's had her heart broken - but what better way to fix it than to get together with her musical hero and poster boy Rory McLean? Opposites attract, but is love enough when life keep pulling them apart? Funny, sweet, uplifting and true.


Alison Lane - author

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